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SEO vs PPC: What is better?

by ramawebsolutions

Everyday a lot of people do searches on Google related to what they need like a restaurant or a new play to hang out and much more. May be you want to order food online and not sure about what restaurant is good, you do search on google. There are almost 3.54 billion people who do searches every day which is about 40,000 second.  So it is really important to grow your business on all kinds of search engines. And when we talk about marketing there are two types of marketing techniques that can be used, i.e., SEO vs PPC where SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization and PPC refers to Pay per Click AdWords.

Today in this blog we will be talking about what is much comparing SEO & PPC.

SEO vs PPC: Introduction

The key difference between both SEO vs PPC is SEO is an organic search which allows your business to grow organically and brings your business on top. You just need an SEO expert who can bring your business website on top. Whereas, PPC is a paid advertisement in which you have to pay to run your business AdWords on search engines.

SEO helps in increased organic traffic:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the organic way to rank in search engines. This means it does not require money – it’s free! Well, sort of.

It does require time and patience. It takes some time to see results when doing SEO. The study says that you need to dedicate at least 6-9 months for it. And one disadvantage of it is that if you are not that persistent in doing it, you might lose your rankings.

PPC gets you paid traffic:

Pay Per Click or PPC is instant. Once you start running advertisements on Google, you will be able to see your site at the top of Google’s search results (even above the organic results) but there is a catch – you have to pay for it. Your ad campaigns can give you instant results. However, it is limited to how long your campaign will run.

SEO vs PPC: Search Engine Results:

If you are a small business, chances are you will want to target people near you. Another difference in SEO vs PPC is how you can optimize for local search. If you are running an ad the campaign, you can use location-based keywords or target a specific geographic location.

In order to rank locally you must make sure that your business name, address and phone number are the same across all platforms – consistency is key here.

Google recently rolled out mobile-first indexing which means that they will use the mobile version of websites in order to rank. If your site is not mobile-friendly there’s a good chance you will have a hard time moving up in search results.

SEO vs PPC: Keywords Analysis

A keyword refers to the main word which is used to search for anything on Google. For instance, if you want to visit a coffee shop near you, you will search for the nearest coffee shop on the search engine. Here “nearest coffee shop is the keyword”.

Similarly, you have to create a list of potential keywords suitable for your business.  Once the list is created you can use it by applying for the SEO process. The keywords should include the following information:

  1. Broad: This match type reaches the widest audience. It takes your keywords or phrases and includes these words in any order and may also include similar words or phrases.
  2. Modified Broad: Using modified broad also allows you to reach a wide audience but tells Google that the search must include the words that you enter.
  3. Phrase: Phrase Match will tell Google that your phrase must appear in the order you type it in but Google may include other words before or after.
  4. Exact: If you want to show up for your exact keyword, an exact match is the way to go. This is the most restrictive match type but it’s likely that your leads will be extremely qualified and ready to purchase.

SEO vs PPC: Investment Requirements

In the process of SEO, it takes time to show its results. One the keyword research is done then you can rank your website on google by writing blogs for it and by optimizing the website content. Do not expect SEO to happen overnight. It’s a process that takes time and a lot of patience on your end. Trust the process, give it time and you will see results.

Whereas, PPC is instantaneous but it can also be limited. When your daily budget runs out Google will stop showing your ads. Depending on your budget they also won’t show your ads to everyone at all times. Although your ads will appear immediately, this does not mean that those clicks and conversions will be immediate as well. Your ads will go through a learning phase with Google and may need to be tweaked. This is a much shorter process than SEO but still may require some patience.

SEO vs PPC: What we suggest

Your goal at the end of the day is to grow your business and increase sales. To do this you need to boost traffic to your website. We believe that Search Engine Optimization is key. If your SEO is bad, you will have to continually dump money into paid ads in order to reach customers. Do not just rely on paid advertisements to get you where you want to be on search results pages. If you have the budget, supplement your SEO with paid ads. This power couple will have you outranking your competitors and boosting your sales.

There is a lot to take into consideration when deciding between SEO vs PPC. They are both viable options to help you grow your business. Now that you know some of the basics and the lingo you’re ready to get started optimizing your site and running ads! Don’t think you have time to do it on your own? Let the experts at Rama Web Solutions take the task for you. Contact us now for a great digital marketing experience

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